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Apocalypse Challenge: The 66-Day Crucible

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: a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new, (and unbreakable!)

The Apocalypse Challenge, 66-Day Crucible is step-one in developing a state of readiness to help negotiate any physical challenges that may arise, especially in a crisis scenario. Whether it be personal protection, natural disaster, civil unrest, Zombie Apocalypse, or any personal trial where physical ability and capacity are paramount, Coach Rob Goodwin’s Apocalypse Challenge will help develop a strong and capable foundation to build upon!

This 66-Day Crucible Challenge is also the perfect gateway to reaching your true peak genetic form of strength, conditioning, and health.

Spanning 66 consecutive days, this challenge includes many facets of strength, conditioning, nutrition, and movement with intention! In addition, you will draw upon Coach Rob’s nearly 30-years of experience working with clients “in the trenches” for thousands of hours over 3 decades. You will NOT find a better value or return on investment.


For only a 1-Time investment of $149 you get the entire 66 Days of training.

Included in this challenge:

  • Access to Coach Rob’s App. This is where every day of the challenge will be accessed and expressed. You will have total access to all training, conditioning, cardiovascular training and all other elements of the challenge delivered daily to your phone or tablet via the app. There will be something of great value every day for 66 Days!!


  • A minimum of 4 workouts per week (sometimes more). High intensity and most with limited equipment!
  • 4-5 Cardiovascular Sessions per week with an emphasis on Rucking!
  • Hypercarnivore diet strategies and recommendations including a specific food list!
  • Intermittent fasting strategies and protocols.
  • Exclusive video content just for participants! You will have access to special videos from Rob that no one else will have access to!! These videos will cover many aspects of “Apocalypse” survival content! (This bonus content alone is worth the $149)
  • Weekly Dossier delivered in PDF Format with full Mission Objectives!
  • 24/7 Priority Q&A with me through App! Ask me anything!
  • Private group in the App where you can interact with others who are on the challenge!
  • Weekly tips for longevity and health!


The challenge will be loaded to your app and will be active starting the Monday after enlisting!


*No refunds or exchanges

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