“Consistency is the key to success, and accountability is worth its weight in gold!”

– Rob Goodwin

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What is In The Trenches (ITT)?

Great question. For nearly 25 years I worked “In the Trenches” of the gym floor as well as consulted clients all over the world. Working face to face with real people has given me a unique perspective as to what really works to achieve an elite physique and the body you desire. Not only have I spent decades building my own body to the highest level, but I’ve done so with thousands of clients. I’m also very proud to be known as a “pioneer” in the Ketogenic-Bodybuilding Ethos.

So, what you get as a subscriber is simple. You get every workout I do. Complete with sets, reps, and other insights and form cues to help get the most out of each movement. And, unlike other subscriptions, you get a video example of EVERY exercise. So, you know exactly how to perform the exercise the way I like. No need to search the internet, pour through YouTube videos, or do the same old routine you’ve done a million times. For $7 a month (yes, that’s not a typo, it’s only $7 a month!) you have access to a completely unique workout up to 6 days a week. My workouts can be used whether you’re looking to put on size, or if you’re trying to get shredded. All workouts remain on the site for you to reuse or reference when you like. Use the workouts in any order or follow along with my split. I currently have over 200 workouts loaded and more every week!


Can anyone use these workouts?

YES! The workouts are designed to be used by anyone at any skill level. Whether you’ve been lifting for years and just need to switch things up, or if you’re just getting started. You’ll just need a gym membership or a decently equipped home gym. You can substitute nearly every exercise I do with a dumbbell, barbell, or bodyweight movement if you do not have access to a particular piece of equipment I used. Most of my workouts utilize simple free weights.

Need help?

Simply add a comment on the workout page and I try to answer questions as quickly as possible. I won’t leave you hanging. You can always shoot me an email as well.

Who is this Rob Goodwin Character Anyway?

Rob Goodwin is a 25-year veteran personal trainer, fitness expert, top Ketogenic Nutrition Coach and is known as a Pioneer in the new Ketogenic nutrition and training ethos. Rob is currently one of the most sought-after coaches in the United States. He has several bodybuilding first and second place wins under his belt and is an accomplished endurance athlete and coach as well: A testament to his personal commitment and diversity and expertise in his field.

Rob is an unrelenting self-experimenter who has spent thousands of hours questioning the validity of every strength, conditioning and nutritional protocol on the fitness landscape. A trainer who thinks outside the box and who stays abreast of the latest scientific, nutrition and training methods. He has helped thousands of men and women achieve fitness success across the globe regardless of whether they wanted to become the best versions of themselves possible or competitive winners on the stage or the finish line. His gift is being able to quickly assess a client’s unique needs and tailor a fitness protocol to the client while developing the most direct path to the fastest possible results. His devoted, direct, humorous, and easily understood manner is his trademark at the many fitness and nutrition seminars and consultations he has given over his career. As a speaker and trainer, he is in high demand, down to earth, relatable, and personable. Simply put, Rob just knows how to make it simple. But have no doubt, Rob is all about intensity and will push you to a new level personal growth in the gym and out on the terrain.

Rob’s Areas of Expertise:

  • Body Re-Composition; Shredding Body Fat and Improving and Maintaining Lean Muscle
  • Performance
  • Longevity (Becoming super-fit at any age)
  • Ketogenic Strength training, and Fat adapted Endurance (Running, cycling, etc.)
  • Strength, Hypertrophy, Bodybuilding & Physique Competition
  • Improved Health Through Specific Keto/Primal Nutrition and Fitness Principles

Rob began his career as a personal trainer in 1994 after leaving Florida and moving to a small town in the Western foothills of North Carolina where he lives with his wife, four children, and Grandson. He currently runs his own private gym, Original Workout, where he trains and consults with over 40 clients weekly. Rob also has a thriving online coaching business and trains over 50 clients one-on-one online. He is a coach and athlete in numerous disciplines including strength, conditioning, endurance and his own experience as former competitor and coach in NPC bodybuilding and physique competition as well as endurance athletes who want to reach a new level of performance and efficiency.

Rob provides personal training and nutritional advice for his wide-ranging clientele. His door is open to people no matter their fitness level and his approach is, and always has been, non-elitist and personal. Current and past clients have achieved double-digit fat loss, enhanced athletic performance, set personal records, and general increases in day-to-day healthfulness and well-being. Rob is a believer in others, redefining strength, endurance, fat loss, and improved health to those who have placed their faith in him.