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Rob’s Tier One Rogue Program

Train Directly With Award-Winning Bodybuilding Coach Rob Goodwin.

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Once your purchase is complete, you will receive confirmation and begin set up process withing 24 hours. No refunds.

Weekly Split: 4-6 Days with regular optional weekly challenge workouts. Push/ Pull, Legs, lots of Circuits, HIIT + Higher intensity Cardio. Splits may differ week to week. No rules!

To Go Rogue: To begin to behave in an independent or uncontrolled way that is not authorized, normal, or expected.

You’ve Gone Rogue from the corporate gym setting. You train at home. You have minimal equipment. You rely on your body and a few pieces of equipment to be your driver. Or you may workout in a gym but prefer a minimal style of training. Whatever the reason, you are willing to drive yourself to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can. You are not afraid of hard work and high intensity.

Requirements: Your body. A range of dumbbells/kettlebells from light to heavy. Barbell. A Bench. Pullup Bar, Maybe a TRX strap/ Or Gymnastics rings. And maybe a few Sandbags. A backpack you can add weight to or Ruck. Various heavy things. I will also advise on substitutions you can make if you do not have a certain piece of equipment.

GOALS: You’re a focused self-starter with a specific goal. You want to be super- fit year-round. Aesthetically you want to look carved out of wood! You don’t mind pushing your body and mind to its limits. Your desire is to be a complete specimen and be harder to kill than the average citizen. You don’t want to just be “all show and no go!” Finishing a workout on the floor in a puddle of sweat is your happy place!

As A Tier One Client, You Will Receive

  • Constantly evolving programs delivered to you on my powerful App for use on any Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Proven Training Plans that have produced staggering results for myself and many of my clients over the years.
  • Cancel Any Time! (Once you join your monthly fee can never increase as long as you remain a member!)
  • Access me Coach Rob to answer your questions about your program via Instant Messenger on the APP.
  • The ability to Sync the APP to My Fitness Pal, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Now Garmin Devices.
  • Powerful Body stat metrics like Progress Photos, Weight, Measurements, and more to track progress.
  • Community. Join in the discussion with others who are enrolled in your method of Operation. Interact with your tribe.
  • Easily the most powerful training plan for the investment out there! Years in the making.

Additional Information

Every Training Plan is an evolving plan that will be updated with new workouts every week for the life of your membership! You will always have a new week of workouts ready to go!
Memberships automatically renew each month at $49/MO or $19/MO (depending on plan). You may cancel at any time.

*You always have the ability to move workouts on your calendar to different days that suit your schedule.

**Tier One Program does NOT include nutrition programming. Workouts and conditioning only. However, you can sync the app to one of many tracking apps and program your own macros into the app.

For complete custom programming AND custom nutrition support including custom macros and nutrition Q&A consider the GOLD training program. This program is tailored to the individual.

Your program will be loaded to your calendar on the Monday following the day you enroll.

*Membership can be cancelled at any time but not refundable. No hidden fess. No gimmick s, no catch. Simply $49/MO / $19/MO as long as you want to be a member!


Train Directly With Award-Winning Bodybuilding Coach Rob Goodwin.

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